Hi there, I am Aishwari 👋

I’m a Product Designer based in San Francisco with a background in Industrial design.

I currently work at Tidepool, a health tech startup serving the diabetes community.

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Proactive Care Dashboard

Tidepool's Proactive Care Dashboard offers a simple way for endocrinology clinics to triage patient care and prioritize resources for patients at risk to improve clinical outcomes. 

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Mobile Player for Dancers

Dancejo is an early-stage B2C SaaS start-up that aims to build an online dance platform for dance teachers and students to virtually teach and learn dance. 

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Financial Literacy App

An app that helps 18 to 30-year olds learn about personal finance management so that they can make informed and effective financial decisions in their future.

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Dental Platform for children

Happy Dontics is an online platform that provides dental care to children through virtual consultations from the comfort of their homes.