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Empowering diabetes clinics with proactive care

Tidepool 2022-23, UX Lead, Web design


This project aimed to elevate Tidepool's platform by enhancing its dashboard for proactive patient support. I led the design process, collaborating with a cross-functional team, to empower clinics with real-time data analysis and targeted outreach capabilities, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

The challenge - reality of diabetes care today.

Diabetes clinics are drowning in manual paperwork, scattered data and have difficulty identifying at-risk patients in a timely manner.

Overwhelmed clinics, reactive patient care.

Solution? Enter Tidepool.

Our team at Tidepool built the Population Health Dashboard, a centralized hub for all patient data, enabling clinicians to identify at risk patients.

A centralized platform for real-time patient data.

Iterate, design, launch, repeat.

As the Lead UX Designer, I played a crucial role in the entire design process, working closely with the cross-functional teams to design features and advocating user needs.

Incrementally launched many features and influenced roadmap.

Win-win for business, customers, patients!

This platform served as Tidepool's premium offering and has had significant impact on the company's business, clinicians and patients. 

$3M in revenue, multiple contract deals bringing 10K+ patients on platform.

Platform for enhancing patient triage capabilities & future of proactive care

A Population Health Dashboard that provides a quick overview of real-time diabetes data of all patients in one place.

With this new dashboard, diabetes clinics can view and analyze diabetes data for their entire patient population under one roof. They can filter and identify at-risk patients and prioritize outreach resources for those who need them the most.

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