Thanks for visiting my corner 🙌

I’m passionate about using technology to create product experiences that improve people’s quality of life. At Tidepool, I’m currently the design lead for the Tidepool Web Platform. I work closely with product and engineering teams to provide better remote patient monitoring tools to healthcare providers.

As a product designer, I’m a generalist. I enjoy collaborative work and thrive in ambiguous problem spaces. I’m always excited to talk to customers and use those learnings to shape product experiences. I get a thrill from the product discovery and development processes and aspire to be a product lead in the coming years.


When I'm away from Figma, you'll find me —

🖌️ Illustrating my way through life and abstracting things, thoughts and objects through geometry, which I usually document on my Instagram page @the_parallel_planes.

📚 Reading while sipping on my hot cup of coffee  because books are uniquely portable magic. Currently, I am reading -

  1. "Thinking fast and slow" by Daniel Kahneman

  2. "Inspired" by Marty Cagan

🌞 Going for runs and hikes; because do you even live in California if you don't?