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Hi there, I am Aishwari Vaidya, an Product and UX Designer who recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Design from MIT Institute of Design, Pune, India.

Highly motivated, inquisitive and an avid learner, I am always on a hunt for new challenges that make me push the envelope. My creative instincts coupled with a strong desire to solve problems with logic and reasoning led me to this versatile field of design.

Design for me is the perfect amalgamation of function, aesthetics, experience and emotion. I believe a well-defined and researched problem followed by a thorough design process leads to a better solution. My approach to design is human centered, driven with passion to touch people's lives by embracing their needs, wants and desires.  

Recently, as part of the Semester Abroad program, I was in Paris, France for six months. Exploring a different course like 'Identity Design' at Strate Ecole de design not only broadened my perspective but also allowed me to think about my design solutions more holistically. I also got the opportunity to lead and interact with very diverse groups of people which polished my leadership and communication skills.

Currently, I am :

  1. Sipping masala chai while reading Sapiens and ruminating about life and our existence on this blue planet

  2. Keeping fit by doing Kathak (An Indian classical dance style)

  3. Teaching myself User Experience design and feeling inspired by works of experts

Thank you for taking out time to view my work. 

If you made it till here, I would love to hear from you!

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"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

- Steve Jobs 

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