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Console for viewing participant data in clinical studies
Company: Verily | Role: UX Lead | Target launch: April 2024

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Project summary

The project aimed to design a Participant Management Console for use in clinical and research studies. This console needed to provide comprehensive participant information and data to various users such as study coordinators, site coordinators, and user support teams, with a specific focus on maintaining data privacy through access controls. The challenge lay in dealing with ambiguous requirements and a tight deadline, necessitating efficient management and decision-making to ensure a successful launch.

My role

As the UX Lead and sole designer on this project, my responsibilities were multifaceted. I guided the design process from concept to execution, making critical trade-offs as necessary to meet project constraints while still striving for an optimal user experience. Additionally, I organized and led numerous meetings to align stakeholders with the project's goals, timelines, and design trade-offs.

Get in touch for more details

Due to the confidential nature of this project, I am limited in what I can share publicly. However, I'm more than willing to discuss it further in a private conversation. Please feel free to reach out for further information. Below, you'll find some screenshots offering a glimpse into the project.

Dynamic console view based on user role and permissions

future looking-3.png

Adding notes

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Detailed timeline view of all surveys

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