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Introducing version management for Verily's clinical research platform
Company: Verily | Role: UX Lead | Under development, target launch April 2024

study design-2.png

Project summary

This project focused on integrating version management into our platform, operating at both major and minor levels. Previously, our product lacked support for versions, necessitating a comprehensive overhaul across all interconnected areas to implement versioning throughout the platform.

In the context of clinical research studies, protocol adjustments occur frequently during the study lifecycle. Major version changes involve amending the study protocol to accommodate these alterations.

Additionally, minor versioning facilitates modifications to specific study elements such as surveys or consent forms. This functionality was absent prior to this project and was successfully introduced as part of our efforts.

My role

I spearheaded the integration of version management across interconnected products, navigating minimal guidance from the product team. Leading UX discovery and research efforts alongside the UXR team, I wielded considerable influence, shaping product strategy. My multifaceted role encompassed gaining critical insights, orchestrating visual system mappings, fostering stakeholder collaboration, and compellingly presenting our vision to leadership. Collaborating closely with fellow designers, I ensured the seamless execution of designs.

Get in touch for more details

Due to the confidential nature of this project, I am limited in what I can share publicly. However, I'm more than willing to discuss it further in a private conversation. Please feel free to reach out for further information. Below, you'll find some screenshots offering a glimpse into the project.

Creating and managing versions of a clinical study across the platform (major versioning)

study design-1.png

Minor version changes to specific study elements like surveys and consents

study design-2.png
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