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Greener approach to waste


Home composting of organic waste is a time-consuming process that needs constant monitoring. One often ends up with a foul-smelling, wet compost that attracts mosquitoes and flies. The trial and error involved in composting make it a frustrating and discouraging experience. 


How might we create a composter that reduces the trial and error from the home composting process in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way? 


A manual two-part composting system that is compact, easy to use, and clean. It estimates the equivalent amount of brown waste needed for the green organic waste thrown. This results in a successful, nutrient-rich compost with each batch without any frequent monitoring.


Rethinking cosmetic tubes 

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Today, beauty and personal care products fill the aisles of supermarkets. The amount of plastic used in its packaging has increased exponentially and only a small fraction gets recycled. 


How might we substitute or reduce the amount of plastic used in the packaging of cosmetic tubes?


A unique, geometric tube with creased triangular facets on the entire surface made from TetraRex (bio-based TetraPak). Inspired by the geometric luxury handbags, the squeezable triangular facets encourage the users to play around and fidget with the tube. This establishes a new and fun way of interacting with an everyday product. 


Creating tangible memories

We all have carried souvenirs home from our travels. Through those souvenirs, what we actually bring back are the memories of that adventure, journey, place, or people. 


How might we enrich the experience of collecting souvenirs during travels? 


Cheap and compact impressionable keep-sakes that let you take customized impressions of objects, textures, or anything you see around when you are traveling to a new place. Made out of air-hardening clay that dries out right after taking the imprint, it lets you create your own personalized souvenirs.