Financial Literacy App

An app that helps 18 to 30-year olds learn about personal finance management so that they can make informed and effective financial decisions in their future.


Overview 💸

My interest in personal finance grew during my college years. Soon I realized, there was so much more to planning your finances that I never learned at school. I asked my friends and peers in a similar setting as mine and found that most of them faced the same problems while learning about personal finances.

Based on my personal experience, I took this up as a passion project to make learning personal financial management easy for young adults.

Role 🙋‍♀️
UX Research, Product design, UI and illustrations

4 weeks

Tools 🛠️

Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Miro


Initial market research 🔎


Having an overview of the current market was important to understand the scope of the problem and validate my initial assumptions. I found significant and relevant statistical data that supported my case. Here are some actionable findings from a survey conducted by FINRA in 2018.


Four of five adults say they were never given the opportunity to learn about personal finance

ffds copy.png

70% of Americans between the ages 18-39 years say they know that someday they need to be more financially secure; they just don't know how to get there.


22% of young adults feel overwhelmed about their finances


70% of young adults are stressed and anxious about saving for retirement

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This means that there is actually a great thirst for financial education out there — the question is how to best deliver that information in a compelling way?

User research 🗣️


Interviewing young adults and indulging in open-ended discussions about their financial journey helped me understand their pain pointsSynthesizing all the relevant insights, I created user personas of the target audience and mapped out a typical user journey. This helped me gain valuable insights into what the actual problem is.

Major pain points -

  • Feel overwhelmed because there is so much to learn and so many things they don't know, the task seems daunting

  • They don't know where to start or what is relevant to them

  • Self-learning is boring and confusing 

  • Easily lose motivation 

  • Don't feel confident that they will retain what they have learned

User story 👥



  • Want to learn about the basics of money

  • Only want to learn what is currently useful to them

  • Want to make informed and responsible decisions

  • Want to learn about the latest trends/changes in the financial field


  • Feel overwhelmed with the pool of information online 

  • Confused and not sure where to begin

  • Find it difficult to keep up with the newest things happening in finance 

  • Find all the technical words and jargons difficult to understand 

  • Can't find relevant information


  • Aspire for a financially secure future 

  • Want to invest wisely

  • Want to make better decisions about their finances

  • Want to save up for college or other planned expenses

  • Want to be independent and self-sustain 

Needs and Aspirations

  • Want to be guided with where to start

  • Want to learn from successful people and their success stories

  • Want the content to be easily understandable, without complex jargons

  • Easy to understand, not very time consuming, relevant information

Defining the brief 🎯


How might we engage 18 to 30-year olds in learning about personal finance management so that they can make informed and effective financial decisions in their future?

Learnings from successful apps



  • Gamified, bite-sized lessons that make learning fun

  • Streaks, badges, and achievements for sustained user engagement 
  • Intuitive and playful user interface


  • Helps user identify learning goals and relevant courses

  • Review cards and quizzes for retaining information
  • Downloadable content, accessible on the go
Artboard 12 copy.png

Identifying design opportunities 

How might we make learning about finances fun and appealing for young adults? 

  • By providing bite-sized lessons that are easy to understand, without technical jargons 

  • Having a mix of both reading material and video lectures to make learning less monotonous 

  • Gamification of their progress for active and sustained engagement 

  • Introducing the idea of personal character that grows as the user learns more

How might we provide young adults with relevant information that aligns with their present learning goals?

  • Identifying current priorities by asking personalized questions
  • Just-in-time learning 

How might we boost the learners' confidence?

  • Short summarization after completing every course
  • Short quizzes during and after every lesson
  • Open-ended questions about finances and weighing in experts opinions on those
  • Learning from real-life case studies and their successes and failures
  • Achievements and progress tracker to encourage learning

Translating these ideas into an app 

App Skeleton

Desktop - 1.png


Frame 1.png

How it all came together

Meet 'Finn', your little learning companion. 
The more you learn, the more it blooms.

'Finn' is excited about your financial growth and blooms with little coins as you learn and complete more lessons in the app.

Artboard 4.png

This little plant character essentially acts as a visual progress tracker for the user. It gives the user an added incentive of engaging more with the app and completing more lessons. It is a gamified take on learning finance that makes it fun and appealing for young adults. From a product point of view, it increases the chances of sustained engagement and active participation from the user. 



Track your learning goals
Set your own daily goals to stay on track and continue learning your ongoing lessons. 



Pick up from where you left
Continue learning from your ongoing lesson and know how many people are currently learning the same course.



Go through flashcards in every lesson and bookmark them to revisit later
Easily navigate between shorts flashcards in each lesson and bookmark to save them in your library. 



Take the quiz to build your personal bundle or browse through the courses
Build a personalized course based on your learning goals or search any topic



A quick peek into the course before starting
Get to know more about the course, number of lessons, difficulty level and approximate learning time before committing to it



Achievements to track your progress
Achievements and visual progress tracker to stay motivated

qw copy.png


Being passionate about this topic, this was a fun project to work on. I was able to learn more about gamification and how products use it to engage users. Moving forward, I want to get user feedback on my high-fidelity prototypes and get insights to improve the experience. 

If I had more time...

It would have been interesting to work on how could I actually take this product to market. I would have worked on the business goals and defining the success metrics for this product. I would have come up with a product strategy and prioritized the next set of features for different product milestones. Thinking about answers to the following questions would have been very interesting -
What should be the line of thought for onboarding more users?
What features should be launched if the product reached thousands of users?