Cosmetic Tube Packaging

Stepping towards a greener tomorrow

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Packaging Design | Personal Project (Individual) | Duration : 4 weeks

Today, beauty and personal care products fill aisles of supermarkets and spoil you for choice. 

The amount of plastic used in it’s packaging has increased exponentially and only a small fraction gets recycled. Most of the plastic waste ends up in landfills or oceans harming the environment. 


To design a sustainable packaging of cosmetic tubes by substituting / reducing the plastic used. 

Design Considerations

  • Eco-friendly

  • Squeezable

  • Waterproof

  • Leak proof

  • Different sizes

  • Unique Visual Identity


(geometric, triangular faceted rugs and handbags)

Mock-up Explorations

Final Concept

Triangular faceted tube made from TetraRex

About the Material

Proposed Material - Bio based TetraPak known as TetraRex

Bio based TetraRex is manufactured solely from a combination of plastics derived from sugar cane and paperboard. The bio-based plastics used by TetraPak are produced by Brazilian chemical company, Braskem, which sources all of its feed stock from sugar cane.

Reference link -

The tube has predefined creases that create small triangular facets on the entire surface which makes it easy to squeeze.  

The tube is eco-friendly and available in various shapes and sizes. It is highly reliable as it can store the liquid product inside for a long time.

The squeezable triangular facets give the tube a very strong visual identity making it iconic to the brand. The tube is very playful and fun to fidget with. This adds value to the experience  of using it. 

P.S. Bath and Body Works does not endorse this product. The brand name has been used for educational purposes only.

Key Learnings


  • Learnt about various alternative materials, their properties and limitations

  • Realized the importance of a sustainable approach in design solutions 

  • Understood the cradle to cradle concept for products

Next Steps

  • Detailing and prototyping the tube in the proposed material

  • Understanding it's manufacturing and mass-production

  • Creating a system to close the loop by collecting and recycling used tubes

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