Tidepool's Proactive Care Dashboard

Role: Lead Product Designer | Collaboration with: Product, Engineering & Marketing teams |

Duration: 6 months from problem discovery to commercialization (December 2021 - May 2022)

Tidepool's Web Platform is currently used by 8k+ healthcare providers serving over 248k+ patients living with diabetes (as of Feb 2022). Tidepool identified an opportunity to launch a new proactive care dashboard that makes it easier for clinicians to triage patient care and improve outcomes for patients at risk. 


How might we help endocrinology clinics remotely monitor their patients’ health between in-clinic visits so that they can prioritize outreach efforts and provide timely interventions to those at risk?


Built out the MVP version of the Proactive Care Dashboard that helps clinicians make a determination about their patient's diabetes management by displaying the most useful data points at a quick glance. This dashboard combined with the ability to sort and filter patient data enables clinicians to prioritize resources for patients at risk and support proactive care to improve clinical outcomes. 


This Dashboard unlocked monetization opportunities for the company's open-source software. It launched as one of the key features of the product's paid offering.


After the launch of this feature, Tidepool onboarded new endocrinology clinics with 1000+ patient volumes.

Detailed Case Study Coming Soon!